Business telephony

Cut your costs while ensuring a high quality customer experience


It’s easy to view business telephony as a simple utility but used strategically, our services can help your business work more intelligently. That might involve answering calls faster, improving your customer’s call experience or simply cutting your voice costs. Unlike other providers we don’t have a call connect charge or a minimum call charge and we bill by the second. We round up call costs to the next penny except for short duration calls which would cost less than half a penny which we round up to half a penny.

Calls and Lines

If you want to reduce your expenses without sacrificing quality Calls and Lines delivers a high-quality service with extremely competitive call costs, while allowing you to retain your BT telephone lines and numbers. Switching is easy and seamless, with no down time on your phone lines.

Direct Voice

Get peace of mind with high-performance competitively priced digital voice. Delivered over our highly-reliable network, this service provides a digital link directly into your business and is suitable for businesses that typically spend in excess of £20,000 a year on calls.