Networking services

Increase business agility and lower costs with a high-performance network

Network tower

Most businesses run on information so an effective data network is an absolute priority for business performance. The amount of work your employees can get done, the experience your customers receive are often dependent on the speed and quality of your network.

Our networking services provide a range of options designed to let you flexibly and cost-effectively connect your sites, people and processed together to help you work smarter.


A private wide area networking service, it allows you to flexibly connect your offices and employees and converge voice, data, multi-media and internet traffic on to a single, secure network, that lets you reduce costs and simplify your communications set-up without sacrificing performance.

Ethernet VPN

Simple, seamless networking with the flexibility to support business changes. Ethernet VPN is a wide area networking service that’s ideal for businesses that operate across several offices, has important applications and need the flexibility to react quickly to business change.

Ethernet Wireline

A wide area network service that is cost-efficient and flexible enough to react quickly to the evolving needs of your business, whether that’s changes in employee numbers, additional offices or new centralised applications or services.

National Private Lines

Fast and reliable leased line connections to support vital communications. This is an ideal service for businesses that have high volumes of traffic between offices and run delay-sensitive applications such as video and IP voice.